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Comercial & Residential Demolition 
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Weather it be a full house or a old garage GCI has the tools, equipment  and experience needed to remove the existing unwanted materials and haul them off. While also creating a precise plan to be mindful of pollution and debris for existing neighbors. On the commercial side of  demolition we are prepared for the bigger steel structures that typically come with a more strategic plan that evolves effective communication with the property owner and the general contractor of the job


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Let Grounds Control Construction Services handle all all your hauling needs. We offer the transport of equipment ,materials and goods. Our dump trucks are designed to carry bulk material to job sites for you or handle the removal from sites. 

Erosion Control 
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At GCI Construction Services we often see the neglect from soil erosion but realize it is one of the biggest areas of concern on the job site. To add to the problem construction work churns up the soul making it more vulnerable to erosion. Without these problem areas being addressed it can cause major project delays.  We follow 10 steps to control soil erosion on construction sites. 

  1. Minimize disturbed area on the construction site

  2. Divide the project into sections

  3. Soil stabilization

  4. Slope protection 

  5. Runoff water control methods

  6. Storm inlets

  7. Dewatering 

  8. Sediment control traps for construction site

  9. Construction entrances

  10. Site inspections

Land Clearing & Site Excavation
GCI Land Clearing _edited.jpg

GCI Construction Services will remove any structure you need to prepare the site for construction. Let us give you a quote for removal of trees, rocks, bushes and soil. Once this is done the process of excavation will begin. Excavation is a critical aspect of seeing the foundation for any building, it must be precise equipment and highly skilled labor. 

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